Welcome to our family!

We are drawn to people who smile. Smiling improves your health, reduces stress, lifts up your face making you appear younger, and allows you to feel more confident. Smiling makes us feel good, positive, and has a contagious effect, making others smile too!

What if you are afraid or embarrassed to smile because of how your teeth look? If broken or missing teeth, painful decay, or worn out dentures are stopping you from smiling, it's time to make a change so you can regain your brighter, whiter smile and improve your life. Whether you require denture repairs, new full, partial, or denture implants in Hamilton or the surrounding community, Battell Denture Clinic can help.

Battell Denture Clinic is proud to celebrate over 45 years of providing denture services to our extended family, the Greater Hamilton community. There’s a reason we have been successful for so long. It’s you.  Your trust in us to provide you with the care you deserve is something we care deeply about. We are honest in how important you are to us, how we truly care for you and how we will work with you for a successful outcome with your dentures. We want you to be thrilled with the appearance of your dentures, have the ability to chew effectively, and have a fit that you are confident with from the custom dentures crafted by us. With these goals in mind, a successful outcome means you will smile more, chew better and have improved digestion, impacting positively on your overall health.

We would like to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU! We appreciate your confidence in us and for giving us the chance to welcome you to our family!

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