Concession St. Construction

Concession St. Construction

Posted on: March 12, 2015 by Trish Suzuki

There are only two seasons in Canada! Winter and construction. Winter is on its way out and the construction on Concession Street has begun!

We are excited for the improvements that it will bring our neighbourhood, like new sidewalks with Urban Braille and full road reconstruction. We are prepared, and expect delays along Concession Street through the summer.

We will keep you updated on parking restrictions in our area and ask that you plan for extra time for appointments with us.

We will post all of the information from the City of Hamilton here on our website and provide daily updates on Twitter @battelldentures

Here is the press release from The City of Hamilton.

Please contact Trish at 905-389-2217 with any questions.

Thanks for your patience and enjoy the beautiful weather!