I need my teeth removed.  Now What?!

I need my teeth removed. Now What?!

Posted on: March 13, 2018 by Michael Battell

I Need My Teeth Removed, Now What?!?

The idea of having teeth removed and having an empty space where they used to be is daunting and far from ideal. If you are considering or your dentist has recommended that you have all or some of your teeth removed, you should consider an immediate denture. You won’t have to go without teeth. An “immediate” denture can be inserted as soon as single, multiple or all natural teeth are removed. It protects the sensitive gums in the extraction areas and controls the swelling like a bandage. It also helps you become accustomed to dentures, maintains facial structures, and assists with the transition from eating soft foods to more textured foods during the healing process.

Impressions of your mouth and other detailed procedures are completed before your teeth are removed allowing dentures to be made ahead of time. Your immediate denture can be made to look like your natural teeth, or changes can be made to your smile at your request.

If you are contemplating or have been advised to have teeth removed, call Battell Denture Clinic at 905-389-2217 for your free consultation. We will provide you with detailed information to guide you on whether an immediate denture is right for you.