It all starts with an impression!

It all starts with an impression!

Posted on: October 02, 2015 by Michael Battell

What appointments are needed to have new dentures made?

Appointment #1

Preliminary Impressions

Moulds are taken of your mouth. These moulds allow Battell Denture Clinic to analyze and assess the anatomy of your mouth to create your custom solution.


Appointment #2

Bite Registration/Facebow Transfer

Your bite registration will be taken to determine how your upper and lower jaws relate to one another. This ‘bite’ will help define the parameters for where your denture teeth will be placed. The 'facebow' relates your upper jaw to your jaw joint and also assists with tooth set-up. Tooth shade, and shape are also decided with you and your denturist at this appointment. We will discuss what you want to change and how you want to improve your smile to achieve your desired appearance.

Appointment #3


Your denture teeth will be ‘previewed’. You will try-in your new denture teeth while they are still set up in wax. The try-in approximates how your new dentures will appear and fit when they are completed. At this point, if modifications are required, they can be completed prior to the transformation of your dentures into their finished form. If changes are required, an additional ‘retry’ appointment will be arranged.

Appointment #4

Finish/Denture Insert

Your dentures will be placed in your mouth and instructions will be provided on how to care for your new dentures and your mouth.

Follow-Up Appointments

As your new dentures settle in, sore spots and tenderness may develop. Adjustment appointments can be arranged on an ‘as needed’ basis. Depending on the treatment plan provided to you, other pre-scheduled follow-up appointments might be required.

Generally, the time it takes to complete an appointment depends on its complexity and can range between 5 minutes to an hour. Battell Denture Clinic will let you know approximately how long your appointment will take and notify you about upcoming appointments.