Tale of a Town Hamilton!

Tale of a Town Hamilton!

Posted on: September 04, 2015 by Neal Miller

Michael and Ken had the unique experience of visiting the Storymobile on September 3rd on Concession Street to chat with Lisa and Allison about living and working on Concession Street for the last 40 years.

Michael met the co-creator of Tale of a Town, Lisa Marie DiLiberto at high school in Ancaster!  We are so proud to be part of Hamilton and Concession Street history and to be part of such an amazing experience with Tale of a Town!

Check out the Tale of a Town Podcast,  and be sure to follow them on their cross-Canada adventures.   

The Tale of a Town – Canada is a site-specific theatre and media project being developed in collaboration with The National Arts Centre of Canada that is capturing the collective community memory of our country’s main streets, one story at a time, while preserving local heritage and promoting neighbourhood culture.

Touring across the Canada in our storymobile (a.k.a recording booth on wheels) we’re gathering stories in small towns and big cities alike by means of scheduled and impromptu interviews with independent business owners, local heroes, community stakeholders, and neighbourhood residents. These stories inspire performance installations that take place in site-specific downtown locations created in collaboration with local artists and in partnership with presenting partners from across the country.

This national venture will culminate in a multi-platform celebration of the country’s main street culture, in commemoration of Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017.