My Denture is Cracked!  Now What?

My Denture is Cracked! Now What?

Posted on: April 02, 2018 by Michael Battell

Cracked dentures happen for a variety of reasons. For example, they may have been dropped, they could be worn, old and brittle, have bite problems, be too thin, or otherwise be requiring adjustment or replacement. We often get asked when a denture is cracked, “can it be fixed?” The short answer is usually “yes”. An unrepaired denture crack can continue to get larger and your denture may eventually break in two. Broken dentures have compromised fit and function and usually sharp edges that can cause soreness and trauma to your mouth that if left untreated may lead to serious health concerns.

Broken dentures don’t always need replacement and they can often be repaired the same day. Glue should never be used on dentures because it is not suitable for the mouth and may have adverse health effects.

However, if your denture requires a repair, it may indicate underlying problems. Battell Denture Clinic can assess your mouth and dentures at a free consultation and provide treatment options based on this assessment.